96" Tension Bar
96" Tension Bar

96" Tension Bar

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Complete your fence and ensure your chain link mesh is taught with hour 96” Galvanized Tension Bars. Installed with tension bands on terminal posts, these tension bars keep your mesh from going slack and keeps it strong and secure.

  • Made for an 8' tall fence
  • Rust resistant
  • Sturdy steel construction

How the part fits? A 96" tension bar is actually 94” in length. It is designed to fit through the last weave of the chain link fabric at the point of termination.

Where is it installed? The tension bar is installed at every point where you terminate your chain link fence. 

How many do you need? You will need (1) 96” tension bar at every corner, end, and gate post. For every stretch of fence, you will need (2) total.

Once you have installed your post, framework and top rail, you will take the end of the chain link fabric and place it up to the terminal post. Start at the top of the chain link fabric and insert the tension bar down through the bands and the weave of the chain link until you get to the bottom. You will then tighten all the tension and end bands to hold the tension bar in place.