MINIkey - Self-Contained Keypad System
MINIkey - Self-Contained Keypad System

MINIkey - Self-Contained Keypad System



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Also known as: 55LCK5

Having spent time and money picking out the right gate for your home, business, estate, etc., you'll naturally want control over who has access to your property and how they gain access in the first place. A great way tool for achieving is an entry control device, one that allows users to open the gate upon entry of a unique access code.

The Liftmaster MINIkey Self-Contained Digital Keypad System is one such device. It is easy-to-use and super-secure device, featuring twelve buttons (nine numbered, two with special characters: * and #). This allows you to create a code unique to your gate. This device comes with a variety of special features outside of password protection, including time clock input, strikes and outs, and programmable relay times.

The MINIkey supports connection to an optional remote keypad. It is compatible for applications requiring both entry and exit keypads, as well as keypad control of secondary entrances. It is extremely durable, resistant to vandalism and lightning strikes. What's more, the keypad is lighted. The brushed stainless steel faceplate features recessed side lighting not normally found on other gate entry access controls. This makes nighttime access simpler.

Standard Features:

  • Grained stainless steel
  • Surface mount
  • 500 capacity
  • Variable entry code length
  • Strikes & outs
  • Two relays
  • Programmable relay times
  • Time clock input
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Lightning protection
  • Lighted keypad
  • Vandal-resistant design
  • Relay hold
  • Password protection
  • 1-year warranty