M500 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets

M500 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets

Heras Mobile Fencing and Security

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This temporary fence is designed with 'anti-climb' protection, the first fence with this feature. Built for safety and durability, each 11.5' x 6.6' panel includes 13 horizontal and 88 vertical wires to ensure your building site or event area is protected. These wires protrude past the tubing to even further discourage intruders. The frame is welded on all sides,

Dimensions width: 11.5'
Dimensions height: 6.6'
Material: Steel
Mesh opening width: 1.6"
Mesh opening height: 6.3"
Wire thickness: 6 x 9 gauge
Tube diameter: 1-1/6” x 1-2/3”
Mesh: 1.5” x 1-3/8”