1-5/8" Black Combo Rail End
1-5/8" Black Combo Rail End
1-5/8" Black Combo Rail End

1-5/8" Black Combo Rail End

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Rail ends, sometimes known as rail end caps or rail end cups, cap off the end of a top rail, mid rail, or bottom rail, and attach to a terminal post with an end band and nut/bolt. A "combo" rail end includes a notch through which a brace rod or bent truss can be attached for additional stability; typically for commercial installations.

  • Black vinyl coated steel
  • Fits 1-5/8" outside diameter rails
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant 

How the part fits? The rail end is part of the connection of the top rail to the terminal post.

Where is it installed? Rail ends are installed on the end of the top rail. The top rail slides into the rail end, which connects to the end band attached to the terminal post using a nut/bolt (not included).

How many do you need? For every stretch of chain link fence, from terminal post to terminal post, you will need two rail ends.

Fits a 1-5/8 OD rail; .32 lbs.

The rail end is attached to an end band by sliding the rail end in between the tangs of the end band. You will then slide the 5/16” x 1-1/4” bolt through the end band and rail end.