Three foot traffic spikes that are installed in the ground

3' Easy Mount In-Ground Non-Motorized Traffic Spikes


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  • Can be used in all commercial and residential applications.
  • Can be installed in less than 3 hours.

Manual Traffic Spikes

Heavy-Duty Spikes

Rugged, durable design in Standard Duty and Heavy Duty construction.

Easy maintenance via top plate access.

Unique curved tooth, fishhook design.

Reliable, low-maintenance counter balanced system.

Built-In Latch Down Device

Innovative new teeth design provide greater protection but safer operation.

Available in 3ft. and 6ft. lengths.

Load rated for 20,000 lbs  (Standard Duty) or 40,000 lbs (Heavy Duty) per single axle load

Requires 2-Part Epoxy for Installation (Product #14250).